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How to strengthen our immune system

Build a strong immunity

Eat whole organic foods

According to traditional Chinese medicine, if the upright qi and our defensive qi are strong then the pathogen cannot live.

Here are some recommendations to help build our immune system, nourish ourselves, and increase our ability to handle stress and prevent illness.

  • frequent hand washing
  • keep stress levels low
  • get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours)
  • exercise, walk, yoga, qigong
  • eat steamed or sauteed vegatables, warm soups or stews
  • limit ice cream, fried, greasy, spicy foods, and alcohol
  • eat pears! they moisten the lungs
  • meditate, laugh, listen to music to calm the mind
  • stay informed but limit news intake

Let food be your medicine

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In Chinese Medicine, the first line of defense is our wei qi or defensive qi which is guided by the lungs. The foods we eat can either build our immunity or damage it. 80% of our immunity is our digestive system which has a relationship to the lungs. Eating warm soups, stews, steamed or sauteed vegatables is easy on our digestion and doesn’t require as much energy as breaking down cold or raw foods. The result is increased energy and improved sleep which enhances our immune system making it stronger to fight against pathogens that try to enter the body.

Foods that are greasy, spicy, sugary, or dairy products increase mucus in our bodies which can cause stagnation and slow digestion resulting in a decrease in energy or a bloating feeling. Doing our best to minimize these foods will help build immunity.

Why pears? they moisten and nourish our lungs resulting in hydration and a stronger immunity.

Drink green tea to detox the body and get a dose of antioxidants. Add fresh ginger to aid digestion and honey for a natural sweetner. White tea is also good a few hours before bed to nourish your mind, it’s full of antioxidants and contains no caffiene.

Other ways to build immunity

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Exercise, moving the body is important to keep energy flowing and strong. It helps improve sleep, mood, calms the mind, and aids in digestion. Being sedentary makes us feel lethargic and effects our mood and sleep. Take a walk outside in the sun, do some yoga or qigiong.

  • Zinc lozenges containing vitamin C, elderberry, or echinacea are good as prevention.
  • Gargle with dilute apple cider vinegar or salt water.

Sleep! so important to rest and restore your body to keep it strong to resist illness and disease.

Meditate, pray, laugh, find joy, read a good book, listen to music to lift your spirits and calm the nervous system.

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine

Acupuncture is an effective way to boost your immunity, decrease stress, and improve sleep. We also offer herbal formulas in the clinic to boost the organs associated with our immune system. At present, some of our supplies are limited due to the demand on the system. Homeopathetic injections and B12 are offered in the clinic as well which help prevent illness and benefit the immune system.

Please remember you are a healing machine and designed with the intelligence to fight disease and heal. A lot of our communities are extremely stressed, have depression, worry, and fear. Practicing nourishing behavior and self care can benefit all of us in our families and community.