New Patient Acupuncutre Session


  • The initial acupuncture session is 60-90 minutes and may include a combination of the following:
  • Consult/exam
  • Tongue/pulse assessment
  • Acupuncture
  • Ear seeds
  • Cupping or gua sha
  • Nutritional review
  • Herbal or supplement recommendations
  • Follow up acupuncture treatments 45-60 minutes $100.00/sesssion
  • Acupuncture with cupping or gua sha $120.00/session
  • A personalized treatment plan is discussed during the inital consult. It includes pricing and the number of treatments recommended to optimize the desired outcome.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Session


  • 10 Sessions 1-2 times a week are recommended & may include a combination of the following:
  • Face & body acupuncture
  • Face cupping/ gua sha
  • Swarovski crystal ear seeds
  • Celluma LED light therapy
  • Nutrition recommendations
  • Herbal formula or supplement recommendations
  • Individualized treatments to address your concerns
  • *10 session program available. Pricing and treatment recommendations are discussed during the initial consult.
  • Monthly maintanence is recommended to maintain results, protect the financial investment, and continue to experience improvement. * sessions are 60-90 minutes

Face cupping & Gua sha


Celluma LED light therapy $30.00

  • 6 weekly sessions are recommend and may include a combination of the following:
  • Face cupping
  • Facial gua sha with jade stone
  • Neck cupping & gua sha
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Herbal formula recommendation
  • *add Celluma LED light therapy 30.00
  • Monthly maintanence sessions are recommended to maintain outcome and continue to see improvememt.

Cupping Session

100.00 new patient * includes consult approximately 30 min

  • Follow up sessions are 60.00 (15-20 minutes) and may include a combination of the following:
  • Fire or suction cupping (body)
  • Body gua sha
  • Linaments/topicals
  • Stretching recommendations to facilitate healing of injuries
  • *For 2 or more areas treated (i.e. back, legs, arms, & neck) $100.00/session
herbs, herbal formula, activeherb
Herbal formulas

Herbal formula consult


Herbal formula consult available *herbal formula not included with consult and prices vary with formula.

Vitamin injections

APIT Injection therapy (Biopuncture)

start at $25.00

Boost your immunity and energy with a B12 injection (if appropriate), can be given alone or add on to any acupuncture treatment.

Vitamin B12 injection 25.00