July Acupuncturist of the Month!

I recently did and interview with Acupuncture Continuing Education Blog: ACE Check it out. Acupuncturist of the Month, Dr. Deborah Rinehart, RN, AP, DACM Dr. Deborah Rinehart, RN, DACM is the owner of Willow Tree Acupuncture & Wellness in Seminole, FL. She is a Board-Certified & Licensed Acupuncture Physician providing her community with safe… Continue reading July Acupuncturist of the Month!

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How to strengthen our immune system

Build a strong immunity Eat whole organic foods According to traditional Chinese medicine, if the upright qi and our defensive qi are strong then the pathogen cannot live. Here are some recommendations to help build our immune system, nourish ourselves, and increase our ability to handle stress and prevent illness. frequent hand washingkeep stress levels… Continue reading How to strengthen our immune system